Protective Services

Plastic Cover-Up, Inc.

Avoid remodeling damage—call us to protect your countertops, cabinets, walls, furniture or seal off rooms including air conditioning vents to contain dust.  Have an emergency contact us for immediate service.

Need floor protection?  Our services include protecting carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, marble and concrete flooring.  We protect floors at all stages of the construction process and/or the remodeling of your residential or commercial property.

So often windows and panes are scratched during construction.  Protect your windows and doors from costly scratches, paint overspray, cleanup and labor.  Preserve your profit margins.

Protect your tub from scratches, falling debris or standing water during construction.  We use poly,  cardboard or both.  This cost effective solution virtually eliminates tub replacements while adding value service for homebuyer satisfaction.

Protect your fireplace during construction, remodeling or demolitions. 

Vacuum house frames prior to sheet rock ensures a cleaner environment from within.  Often overlooked—frame vacs are an important step during the construction process.